Oana Lauric: Miss Turek, I think your art is exceptional! It moves me, it disturbs me, it soothes me, I keep coming back to your portfolio like back to a preferred poem. An artist myself and rather figurative, I feel that somehow our works have something in common, maybe that strong / frail duality, or maybe just the magic. With respect and admiration,Oana

Marc Schimsky: Astounding, rich, spiritual, complex...I love the work. Some of the images leave me breathless. I envy your ability to achieve such emotive imagery. You've inspired me. Thanks. If you have a moment, please check my website: http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/m/mschimsky/ I would love to hear what you have to say.

Liam Cunningham: love your work, wonderful, inspirational worlds to visit that touch the soul thankyou for your gift.Hope you exhibit in london would love to stand in front of your work

Irmtraut Leschinsky: les tableaux invitent à rêver!Il y règne une athmosprère très spéciale, même unique. J'aimerais bien être entourée par vos peitures. Irma L.

Igor Baskin: it's really art, thank you Igor Baskin, an artist st-Petersburg, Russia

Michal Ashkenasi  Hello Franziska, I am very impressed with your work!The compositions and colors really talk to me! I wish you all the best.Take a look at my site too: www.absolutearts.com/mashkenasi WWW.skynary.com/michal-art Happy new year! Michal

emilio merlina  Ciao Franziska,very interesting and beautiful works.Emilio Italy

David J. Eichenberg  Your work is very strong and you have a great sense for color and line. I love the essence of dadaism that is happening in your work. Keep up the great work. Please keep your portfolio updated because I would love to see, what is yet to come.

Santiago Londoño  Beautiful job ! - Beautiful you ! Best regards from an artist in Colombia.

Henry Pouillon  très intéressants travaux... proches de Dorothéa Tanning

Dadang Pribadi  Hi Franziska, I love the colors you put on your canvases.Let me know how you get the inspirations for your arts? I think we can be a good friend.

Danilo Bazzano  Congratulations! Really very well done works.

Lynda Lambert: Your paintings are exquisite, sensuous, and very strong. I just loved looking at them and sure would like to see them in REAL space in a gallery. Beautiful! http://www.geocities.com/lyndajlambert

suz lee  hi there I love your paintings very much. Nice colours & compositions. Congrats! Regards, Suzlee

Rick Ang  I'm a small art gallery owner in singapore & really love your works. Looking forward to getting to know more about you & your works. Thank You! Rick Angcom

Adam Adamou: Love your stuff to bits,If ever you exhibit in london,I will be there. aweza its cool

Oliverio Balcells: Strong and beautiful like you. Saludos y felicidades!.

Audri Phillips: Wonderful work.

 hardeep s ghatora: i love your art its very powerfull in image , ilove art that constantly make s you look at the same work over and over again with ou getting bored good luck, hardeep

Aron van Cleeff :Super! Great! Amazing! Very fine great abstract paintings.

Agnes Leung: Your works are riched in texture and very dynamic. I like your works. I invite you to see my works at my homepage, comments are welcome, thanks! http://www.agneslth.hk.st

adel alfortia: Hy german i like your paintings.

Lynda Lambert: I enjoyed visiting your site today. Your paintings are etherial and very beautiful. Hope to see them some day. amany fahmy i am a female painter from egypt..i love your works very much..your colours are very vived.. hope you to see my Portfolio :- http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/a/amany and let me know your opanion.

Bruce Naigles: Franzisca, Very powerful images. They evoke alot of subconscious and leave much to the imagination. All the best,Bruce Naigles

Tony Shelley: Fantastic use of light and colour These images stretch the imagination, and are a pleasure to look at, time after time.

Angel Wong: Lai Meng hai, this is a very beautiful painting, i very love it... how can u do that ? Do u teach people ? Anyway, that's a good painting that i ever see..

Birgit Langendorf :A wonderful portfolio, congratulations!

Federico Londoño: I see the photos, not the paintings, but they are great. I enjoy the chiaroscuro the composition and the force strengh of the images. Tu ayudas a subir la calidad de la pagina Web que compartimos y me siento orgulloso de estar al lado tuyo, asi no lo merezca.

Beck Giovan: Great work.Good luck! 

Michal Ashkenasi: Hello Franziska,I looked at your portfolio and enjoyed it very much! You have done some wonderful work this year (as allways!). The colors are beautyful and so are the compositions!Keep going!! Love, Michal 

Miguel Conesa Osuna: Your work is exquisite, I feel powerfully fascinated and attracted toward it. It is strong and different. It looks abstract but with a strong sense of atmosphere. I can emotionally feel and touch with my eyes the heaviness of the mass as if solid rock. Each picture transports my mind into a close up world that exist out there. The overall compositions are substantially effective. I feel myself as if I was actually in my spirit body going through solid things. Each picture is part of an unknown tangible world from which I could satisfy all my creative desires. I would love to see your work in the original some day and surf with my eyes every bit of inch of the subtleties, the intricacies, the in and out and the particularities created by your mind and hand coordination in which you gave birth to your work. I wish you a lot of luck and keep on the good work. You have something very special going on in your work. 

Ghassan Rached. Very interesting work in its composition, concept and harmonious colors.

Mike James:  I just love your art work. It stands out from all of the others I have seen.WONDERFUL WORK!!!!!

Marie: Your have a magical way of depicting light. your paintings are truely breath taking Marie Lachance 

Anton Vogels. Franziska, I just love your great and very colourfull artworks.They are an adventure to me.Visit me too and let us share some alchemy. Anton in Australia.