Franziska Turek's pictures are not planned in their concept but pursue her inspiration, are painted spontaneously and emotionally, not consciously supporting any particular statement. Franziska Turek's pictures are movement, flowing, an ever-lasting process of creation, timeless and individual. Her works lead time and time again to new associations, until one feels obliged to tell stories in a magical picture world. These pictures are not forced upon the observer, he can find his own connections in the abundance of shapes and colours.
The dynamics of the pictures originate from the process of creation. Each time already existing movement is contrasted with a new one or diverted. The open structure of area, colour, shape and line gives rise to picture worlds which appear to form organic matter. On the other hand this can be completely dissolved again upon further observation, sometimes suggesting spatial depth, then again there appears a strange landscape, a mythical being, a mysterious face.
Often following the coincidental, here the beginning of a picture, slightly related the Informal, there is in the working process the sensation of being led through arising shapes and shades of colour. These are seldom mixed beforehand; they do not actually take their shape until during the course of the work. Then, in finely differentiated strokes of the brush, the artist usually rounds off her pictures, setting accents or underlining the results of her inspiration.
The observer often feels conveyed to the works of the old masters and yet finds himself immediately in the present time; her work is also inspired by old myths, poetry and philosophy, without giving way  to a certain direction, to a certain extent over-cultural. Even if occasionally old, oriental advanced  cultures or old testament impressions can be derived from them, nevertheless archaic, undefined inspirations are given priority. One is reminded by the pictures of the origin of prototypes of creation which are only just being formed, Suddenly, in fascinating imaginative power, a primeval being appears to raise its head from an unknown entity, the boundless appears to flood the limitations of a room as if the unconscious were tearing apart the tethers of the conscious. Her symbolic language comes almost unintentionally near to  interpretation, as if it arose from the unconsious; as C.G.Jung says" The unconscious should not be ignored, it is natural and  powerful as the stars."
For Franziska a picture is only finished when she finds in it what has inspired her. It is no challenge for her to wish to portray the unusual. She much rather intends the unusual to emerge - originality is the most important factor to her.
The intention of the abundance of variations, of the magical power of her paintings is such; the ever open opportunity for interpretation forces the observer to take a close look. These pictures cannot be judged at a short glance, their magic attracts you, draws you in, without ever fulfilling a purpose.

Franziska Turek studied in Kiel and Hamburg, she is member of the German Art Association. At present she lives and works in Hamburg and at the Baltic Sea