• Franziska Turek, Exhibition in Tokyo/Japan

    Exhibition in Tokyo at Hee Na Wa Ri Gallery which opens on March 28 to April 3 2005. this is a selected group of traditional Zen calligraphers and western contemporary artists expressing their views on spirituality.
    Hee Na Wa Ri Gallery, 2-18-505 Ho San 162-0052 Tokyo, Japan, 2-18-505 Ho San, Nederland
    28 maart 2005 tot en met 3 april 2005
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  • Franziska Turek

    Sotto l'albero con gli artisti Mostra collettiva di Pittura group exhibition with Franziska Turek
    Galleria d'Arte Signorini, Via Garibaldi 11, LENDINARA, VENETIEN (Italia), Nederland
    5 december 2004 tot en met 6 januari 2005
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